Liquid Sand Hot Tub

Doctors follow man’s tattoo’s instructions that say “Do Not Resuscitate”.

Slaughterbots. Autonomous swarms of drones with the ability to kill specific individuals. Coming soon?

The iconic Piccadilly Circus illuminated billboard is now watching and targeting you with adverts. Who approved this?

Photorealistic imaginary celebrities created by a neural network.

Giant robotic arms, just like those exoskeletons from Aliens.

World’s biggest selfie machine displays your head as a 3D sculpture made from curved screens.

Computer scientists make realistic lip-synched videos, putting anyone’s words into another person’s mouth.

Man uses a 3D model of his face to get a national ID card.

New paint colour names invented by neural network.

X degrees of separation. Visualising how Google’s algorithm gets from one random art image to another.

Is your job robot-proof?

Google AutoDraw uses machine learning to turn your creative doodles into generic icons of nothingness. Sad!

Machine learning manipulates photos to change the subject’s gaze.

Lego-Compatible Adhesive Tape.

The sideways dictionary uses simple analogies to explain technology.

Regeneration will cause 30% of London artists to lose their studios by 2019.

I Have Traveled Here From the Present to Warn You About Global Warming.

Dwitter: Creating visualisations in 140 characters of javascript.

Use Trump’s own words to say anything you want.

Google’s new AI system unscrambles pixelated faces by “hallucinating” the extra information.

Line-us: The little robot drawing arm. Lovely stuff. Just backed ‘em on Kickstarter.

Russian Dollhouses: TV report on Alexa accidentally ordering dollhouses makes viewers’ Alexas order dollhouses.

Inflatables fold themselves from flat sheets into complex origami.

Doodle on your screen and Google will match it to a random satellite map image.

A great interface for browsing radio stations worldwide by rotating the globe.

This multi-function pro-grade robotic arm on Kickstarter looks pretty sweet.

Google Translate AI invents its own language, not understandable by humans. Sounds ominous.

Video of the most unsatisfying things in the world.

Chinese manufacturers are taking Kickstarter ideas and selling them faster.

Genius. Bike company stops damage during shipping by printing a flatscreen TV on the box.

Handheld freestyle CNC router corrects your wobbly lines in real-time to give you perfect parts.

Crazy MIT software lets you manipulate and interact with objects in existing videos.

How to make a tennis ball.

Beautiful 3D-printed light-based zoetrope.

Dashcam app uses your phone camera to rate drivers around you. I got a bad feeling about this…

Solve a rubik’s cube using augmented reality.

Minimalist kinetic sculpture uses LEDs to mimic a walking figure.

LED Pigeons.

A poem about Silicon Valley, made up of Quora questions about Silicon Valley.

What it might be like to read if you’re dyslexic. Anyone agree?

In the future, the robots will use this Boston Dynamics video as justification for why they overthrew us.

Mattel makes a $300 3D Printer. You know, for kids.

Ideo joins a Japanese collective, points to the Next Big Thing in design.

Why Donald Trump when you can Trump Donald?

Ikea thinks we’ve hit peak home furnishings.

Star Wars before/after special effects comparison. Very impressive.

A real Hoverboard. Twenty grand for a giant floating Lego brick.

Crazy instrumental MIDI version of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ makes you think you can hear her singing.

Airbus patents removable aeroplane cabins for faster boarding.

Self-folding sheets of plastic (using shrinky dinks and an infrared lamp).

Scary ads that use inaudible sound to track you over multiple devices.

Fight Club Chatroulette. Punch strangers via webcam.

Google hastens The Singularity by open sourcing its Artificial Intelligence software.

Locate any 3mx3m square on the planet using 3 words instead of numeric coordinates.

Why self-driving cars must be programmed to kill.

Animations of trippy vintage paperback book covers.

Why we could predict self-driving cars but not women in the workplace.

Ants spookily circling an iPhone when it rings.

Burger King asks McDonald’s to co-create the McWhopper. For one day only, in aid of world peace.

And so it begins. Samsung smart fridge exposes Gmail login details to attackers.

Simple laser-guided drill bit attachment shows you if you’re drilling straight.

Is Google rigging elections?

Chinese textile manufacturers are now outsourcing to the US.

The original Google Street View. From 1907.

Echoborgs: The people possessed by chatbots.

For every grain of sand on Earth, there are 10,000 stars out there. So where are all the aliens?

Nice things happen when you give email addresses to trees.

The typeface that automatically crosses out NSA trigger words as you write them.

Samsung’s ‘see-through’ safety trucks.

Google neural network tries to find objects in images and creates insane hallucinogenic landscapes.

The startup that just puts your bins out. Understandably, people think it’s a parody.

Can’t decide if Channel4’s gif-based news wall is inspired genius or the beginning of the end of civilisation.

Get your drawing etched onto a lunar lander, and maybe even get it traced out on the moon’s surface.

How have I not seen this YouGov Profiler thing before? Seems to work spookily well.

The mother lode of mechanical animations. 1700 videos all done by the same guy.

Amazed that the BB-8 Star Wars robot was done for real and not CGI.

Drone Alone: US Navy not going to bother with manned fighters anymore.

Are you a disruptor?

Company sets its minimum wage for all employees to $70K a year.

The Apple II Watch. A much better idea.

This 3-in-1 Laser/CNC/3D Printer on Kickstarter looks pretty ace.

Handbags that look like cartoon drawings.

Girls shouldn’t have to decide between dresses and dinosaurs.

How to boil an egg. Inside out.

Why more women are choosing to have waterslide births.

Ball pool for adults opens in London.

Amazing maths-inspired 3D printed sculptures shimmy and shake hypnotically.

What famous works of art see from their vantage points.

Nasa produces vintage travel posters for newly discovered planets.

"Finally, you can drinkto solve problems" – the beer that claims to help creative thinking.

Interactive record decks printed onto an album cover.

One for the web design geeks. Clock tells the time using hex colour code.

Strangely mesmerising CGI simulation of a crowd running into a big rotating iron bar. No idea what it’s about.

The dystopian promise of Google Glass is unlikely to be realised, due to lack of interest from pretty much everyone.

Here’s how big that comet is, compared to the size of LA.

You are probably wrong about almost everything.

A levitating building in Covent Garden. From the guy who brought you that house whose face fell off.

Quadcopter lampshade ballet. (no, not three random words).

Anonymous Gods: Faces of statues, automatically blurred by Google Streetview.

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